Sunday, March 18

I'd never....

1.) thought I'd find out I am having a girl,
2.) thought I'd be hanging laundry on the line to dry,
3.) thought I'd let my children play in the water table,
4.) thought I'd ever let the boys make a water slide,
5.) thought I'd be shaving me legs every other day,
6.) thought I'd wish to have the air conditioner on,
7.) thought I would have sweat so much as I have,
8.) thought I'd be bit my a mosquito,
9.) thought I'd drive with the windows all open,
10.) thought I'd be walking to church,

All by the middle of March! I can't say I'm not enjoying all that I've been able to do. (Well, maybe not the shaving my legs every other day. I thought I still had a month or two of shaving like one or twice a month.) I have been loving it! But let's just hope this great weather doesn't mean a crazy hot summer!

Friday, March 16


I am still in shock. What am I to do? I have never been in this situation before.
I am not going to now what to do. But I am sure I will learn.
I have to, because I am having a...

We are all so excited! Ike is the most excited. He kept telling me that he could not handle another brother. We kept trying to tell Ike that it was not up to him on whether he was getting a brother or a sister.

I am truly still in shock. I didn't think that it was possible for me to have a daughter. I had my mind made up that I was having another son. And I was fantastically happy with that. But boy oh boy does God have other ideas for our family. I am sure that this little girl is going to be so spoiled by her brothers. Okay, maybe just Ike. The other two I am pretty sure could care a less.

Changes will be happening in this household. What if this girl is a 'girly girl'?! Wanting her hair done, and wearing dresses all the time. I won't have any idea what to do with her. And what if she is a drama filled girl?! I am used to drama filled boys, but girls are worse! 

Well I do know how to paint toenails! My boys have given me much practice. And now I can paint a girls toenails and the hubby not shake his head in disgust. :-)

*Oh and another great change, Seth has got a new job! He has been working for about 3 weeks now. It is not his dream job, but he is enjoying it so far. God is good!!!

Sunday, February 19


I am heartbroken.
It has been a sad week for me. 
My Dyson is broken!
If you know me at all, you know my love for vacuuming.
Well, I can no longer vacuum.
My Dyson is broken!
It is going to be fixed.
In like, 2-3 weeks!
Sadness is all I feel.
My Dyson is broken!
Do you have any idea how dirty my floors get?
I have 3 boys and a dog.
That is a lot of dirt.
My Dyson is broken!
On a positive note....
The Dyson Customer Service people are the best!
So quick, friendly and helpful.
I strongly recommend Dyson.
Even though....
My Dyson is Broken!
I am glad its under warranty.